Call of Duty: Cold War

Team one


Dahminik Deutsch | Undecided | First Year

Dahminik is from Waseca, Minnesota. He fell in love with Call of Duty at a young age and his competitive nature has driven him to always compete to be the best on a server. He always aims to win and show the community how far the team can go.  


Wyatt Huard | Sport Management & Coaching | Junior

Wyatt is from New Ulm, Minnesota. He first played Call of Duty at a friend’s house, and it quickly grew into one of his biggest passions. He enjoys representing his school while competing in something he loves.   


Ryley Purves | Accounting | Junior

Ryley is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He first got interested in gaming by watching his dad and uncle play NBA2K and Madden. This is his first time playing on a competitive team and sees varsity play as a good way to improve his skills throughout the season.


Noah Varhol | Electrical Engineering | Junior

Noah is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He started playing FPS games with his older brother when he was 5 years old and has been honing his skills ever since. After playing in the competitive scene on his own, he is proud to now be representing his university as a member of Maverick Esports.  

Team two


Sam Klinger | Education | Sophomore

Sam is from Prior Lake, Minnesota. He started playing Call of Duty on Xbox in middle school and his competitive nature has driven him to keep improving over the years. He is always down for some solid competition and having fun with his teammates.  


Zachary Loes | Marketing | Junior

Zachary is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He got started gaming in middle school and grew to love FPS games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. It means the world to him to represent his university in varsity competitions.  


Braden Patterson | Accounting | First Year

Braden is from Waseca, Minnesota. He grew up playing Call of Duty with his brothers and loved experiencing the action of the game in first person. He is thrilled to be representing his school while doing something he enjoys. 


Alysha Strunk | Sports Management | Junior

Alysha is from Nicollet, Minnesota. Her two brothers got her into gaming at a young age and she found a passion for FPS games. She is proud to now be playing at the varsity level and enjoys meeting new people through the team.