Call of Duty: Warzone



Elijah Bergevin | Biomedical Science | Sophomore

Elijah is from Eagan, Minnesota. He got started gaming on a Super Nintendo at a young age and developed a skill for FPS games after getting a PlayStation 2. He now enjoys the competitive nature of FPS games at the varsity level.  


Evan Haldeman | Sports Management | Junior

Evan is from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He got into gaming because he was fascinated with the idea of being able to build your own world within a game. He has a passion for esports and is thrilled to be competing at the varsity level.  


Wyatt Huard | Sports Management & Coaching | Junior

Wyatt is from New Ulm, Minnesota. He first played Call of Duty at a friend’s house, and it quickly grew into one of his biggest passions. He enjoys representing his school while competing in something he loves.  


Ryley Purves | Accounting | Junior

Ryley is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He first got interested in gaming by watching his dad and uncle play NBA2K and Madden. This is his first time playing on a competitive team and sees varsity play as a good way to improve his skills throughout the season.  


Alysha Strunk | Sports Management | Junior

Alysha is from Nicollet, Minnesota. Her two brothers got her into gaming when she was younger playing FPS games. She is proud to now be playing at the varsity level and enjoys meeting new people through the team.  


Aaron Williams | Computer Science | First Year

Aaron is from Fairbanks, Alaska. He grew up gaming and found the competitive esports scene at the beginning of his senior year of high school. He loves the fast-paced decision making that FPS games provide.