Neill Gunderson | Computer Information Technology | Senior

Neill is from St. Paul, Minnesota. Gaming has always been a part of his life but it wasn’t until high school that he discovered CS:GO. He has been playing competitive games for years and is glad to now be representing his school in competitions.  


Jeremy Lovstuen | Electrical Engineering | Sophomore

Jeremy is from Stewartville, Minnesota. He grew up with a passion for FPS games and joined the team with prior experience in the realm of competitive gaming. His favorite part of playing competitively on the varsity team is the new opportunities he gets to experience.  

"NYTE" (Sub)

Brennan Merren | Political Science | Sophomore

Brennan is from Michigan. His friend introduced him to gaming by sharing a Nintendo DS on their bus rides to and from school. He enjoys the comradery of playing on the varsity team with teammates who share similar interests.  


William Pascual | Psychology | Senior

William is from Maple Grove, Minnesota. He found an interest in gaming when the Nintendo GameCube was released and now has seven years of experience playing CS:GO. After watching the professional scene for years, playing competitively for Maverick Esports is a dream come true for him.  


Tristan Pizel | Computer Information Technology | Senior

Tristan is from Rochester, Minnesota. Growing up he mainly played single player games but found a taste for competition when he played his friends Xbox 360. After building his first PC he discovered CS:GO and immediately loved it. He is proud to now be representing his university in varsity esports.  


Arnold Ramos | Computer Engineering | First Year

Arnold is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He found an interest in gaming by playing his family’s Nintendo Wii and went on to develop a taste for FPS games due to the skill set required to level up. As a varsity player he enjoys connecting with people who share a passion for gaming.   


Tim Zimmermann | International Business | Senior

Tim is from Nuernberg, Germany. His grandfather introduced him to strategy games at a young age which led him to begin playing StarCraft II and eventually getting into the FPS genre. As a varsity player he excels at using a combination of individual skill paired with teamwork.