League of Legends

Awards & Accolades

  • Playoff Finalists for JV Midwest NACE Conference | Fall 2021

Team one




Carson Nolan | Undecided | First Year

Carson is from Otsego, Minnesota. He grew up playing FPS games such as Call of Duty but has also expanded into the field of MOBA games. He enjoys competing as a team and working to become the best at his craft. 





Noah Micke | Sports Management | Graduate Student

Noah is from Rosemount, Minnesota. His brother got him into gaming, and he has been playing league of legends since 2010. This is Noah’s Third competitive season as a varsity esports player for Minnesota State Mankato.  





Nate Bursch | Computer Science | Sophomore

Nate is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He grew up gaming with his friends after school and found it was a great way to hang out when they couldn't be together in person. After years of honing his League of legends skills he is thrilled to now be taking on the competition at the collegiate level.




Chase Goerish | Psychology Major | Senior

Chase is from Mankato, Minnesota. He was first introduced to gaming by his dad and the thrill of overcoming in game challenges grew into a life long passion for him. As a varsity player, he enjoys being able to compete alongside his friends at the collegiate level.


Spring22_Joseph_ Salverda2.png



Joseph Salverda | Psychology Major | Sophomore

Joseph is from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He grew up playing games such as World of Warcraft with his family and was intrigued by the process of leveling up and customizing characters. As a member of Maverick Esports he is thrilled to be practicing and competing with a consistent team.

Team two





Shawn Perkins | Aviation Management | First Year

Shawn is from Cottage Grove, MN. He found a passion for gaming after getting a Nintendo GameCube and has been exploring the wide world of gaming ever since. His competitive nature led him to the esports scene where he enjoys networking with his teammates while taking on the competition.





Scott Rickard | Computer Information Technology | First Year

Scott is from Zimmerman, Minnesota. He has been hooked on gaming since playing his PlayStation 2 as a kid. He played on his Highschool’s League of Legends team and now enjoys playing at the collegiate level as a member of Maverick Esports. 






Taylor Gaunt | Mechanical Engineering | First Year

Taylor is from Albertville, Minnesota. He found a passion for gaming after getting a Nintendo DS for Christmas and finding a group of friends who were also interested in gaming. After spending years improving his MOBA skills he is thrilled to now be competing with his peers at the collegiate level. Fall21_KrisHamann.png




Kris Hamann | History & Museum Studies | Senior

Kris is from Buffalo, Minnesota. He has been playing strategy-based games such as Risk for the PC ever since he could walk which led to his passion for MOBA’s. After years of honing his skills, he is proud to be playing on a varsity team with players who share his passion for the game.  





Val Collar | Interdisciplinary Studies | Senior

Val is from Chaska, Minnesota. She first got introduced to gaming through her parents and the ability to customize characters in the virtual world became one of her biggest passions. For Val, competing in one of her favorite competitive titles for Maverick Esports is a dream come true.