Rocket League

Team one






Kole Buelow | Marketing | Junior

Kole is from Hortonville, Wisconsin. He began his gaming career playing Mario Kart with his brother which led to a passion for multiplayer games that require teamwork and communication skills. After five years of honing in his Rocket League skills, he is proud to now be a member of Maverick Esports. 





Will Hansen | Computer Engineering Technology | Senior

Will is from Rochester, Minnesota. He developed a passion for gaming through connecting with other players on Xbox live. After years of playing soccer, he translated those skills to Rocket League and now values the opportunity to compete in collegiate esports.  





Simen Restad | Computer Information Technology | Senior

Simen is from Prior Lake, Minnesota. He was originally introduced to Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, but soon invested in a PC to climb the ranks in the competitive scene. He is thrilled to continue growing his skills while making new friends as a member of Maverick Esports.  





John Carlson | Microbiology | Sophomore

John is from Anoka, Minnesota. He began gaming at a young age and found that he had a natural talent for all the genres he tried. After striving for years to make gaming a bigger part of his life he is thrilled to be competing at the collegiate level.  



Team two





Derek Utecht | Civil Engineering | Sophomore

Derek is from Watkins, Minnesota. He found an interest in gaming through his older siblings and got into Rocket League when he was given the game as a gift in 2016. He feels that learning how to communicate effectively is a big part of any team’s ability to perform well. 





Calvin Marsh | Excercise Science  | First Year

Calvin is from Lakeville, Minnesota. He began gaming with his friends at a young age and found a life long passion for the action and adventure that the digital world had to offer. He is thrilled to now be competing against the best collegiate players in North America as a part of Maverick Esports.




Alex Windschitl | Computer Engineering | Sophomore

Alex is from Springfield, Minnesota. He found an interest in gaming after seeing how realistic in-game graphics had become. He enjoys playing action and adventure games with his friends and is proud to be a member of Maverick Esports.





"WAVY" (Sub)

Sam Caron | Computer Science | First Year

Sam is from St. Michael, Minnesota. He grew up gaming with his siblings and was drawn to multiplayer games that require a coordinated effort to win. As a member of Maverick Esports he is thrilled to experience the excitement of winning as a team at the collegiate level.