Student Gaming Community

Students gathering around and cheering and smiling as a girl games on a PC in the Esports Training FacilityConnect with our community! We offer many ways to get involved with other students online and on campus. Looking for more competitive play? Check out  varsity esports opportunities. 


Community Discord

The Discord is where our community connects and communicates! Meet other gamers across campus and stay in the loop about our program. Open to all current students, prospective students, and alumni.

  • Make friends in the gaming community at Minnesota State University, Mankato
  • Join and engage in various channels and interest-specific groups
  • Connect with varsity coaches and players
  • Be the first to know about program news and events
  • Get your questions about our program answered



The registered student organization (RSO) is for all students who want to play a bigger part in our gaming community. There are many options for participating, from simply being a member to joining a leadership role. 

  • Get together with like-minded students interested in gaming
  • Participate in and host community events
  • Step up into a leadership role to gain real-world experience

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First Year Learning Community  

The Esports and Gaming Learning Community offers a unique opportunity for new incoming students who are passionate about gaming and competitive esports. This community is designed for those interested in pursuing careers in the esports industry, whether in gameplay, management, marketing, or other related fields. 

  • Live together in a supportive, like-minded environment
  • Take classes tailored to your interests in gaming and esports
  • Get exclusive workshops and seminars led by industry professionals
  • Network with peers and professionals in the esports community
  • Develop skills relevant to various esports careers

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